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Uberti USA Celebrates the Old West with the Addition of Hardin and Teddy Replica Revolvers to Their Famed Outlaws & Lawmen Series

January 19, 2021

ACCOKEEK, Md. (January 19, 2021) – The history of the Old West pitted heroes and gunfighters against each other in a fight for control of the expanding frontier. Uberti USA celebrates this duality with the addition of the Hardin and Teddy replica revolvers to the Outlaws & Lawmen Series. The two new guns join Uberti USA’s homage to famous heroes and gunfighters such as Jesse James, Frank James, Doc Holliday, Bob Dalton, Wild Bill Hickok and William “Billy the Kid” Bonney. 


After reportedly killing his first man at aged 15, John Wesley Hardin spent the rest of his life being pursued by lawmen. Hardin sewed his holsters into his vest with the butts of the pistols pointing inwards so he could quickly pull them with a cross draw, which Hardin claimed was the fastest way to draw. Uberti USA’s Hardin revolver follows the lines of his S&W top-break revolver.


Aesthetically, the Hardin revolver’s contrast of case-colored frame against the charcoal blue barrel and cylinder along with a simulated bison-horn grip gives the gun a unique look that draws the eye. Chambered in .45 Colt, the Hardin features a 7-inch barrel and fluted cylinder for an authentic styling reminiscent of the glory days of the Old West.


Theodore “Teddy” Roosevelt wore many hats throughout his lifetime, including hunter, conservationist, military officer and the 26th U.S. President. Frequently along with him on his adventures and service, his beloved Colt revolver was close at hand. The Uberti USA Teddy revolver faithfully replicates Roosevelt’s beloved 1873 Colt.


The gun features full laser engraving along the frame, cylinder and barrel. Fully nickel plated, the revolver’s look is complemented by simulated ivory grips for a striking appearance. Chambered in .45 Colt, the Teddy is durable as it is beautiful and embodies a true American hero who lead a life full of adventure.



Uberti USA Outlaws & Lawmen Series Extension


Hardin – S&W Top-break. Caliber: .45 Colt. Barrel Length: 7 inches. Overall Length: 12.8 in. Overall Weight: 2.6 lbs. Grip: Two-piece simulated bison horn. Finish: Case-colored. Cylinder: 6-shot, case-colored. Number of Grooves: 6. Rate of Twist: 1:16, RH. Warranty: 5 years. MSRP: $1,479.


Teddy – 1873 Colt. Caliber: .45 Colt. Barrel Length: 5.5 inches. Overall Length: 11 in. Overall Weight: 2.3 lbs. Grip: Simulated ivory. Finish: Nickel plated. Cylinder: 6-shot, nickel plated. Number of Grooves: 6. Rate of Twist: 1:16, RH. Warranty: 5 years. MSRP: $1,249.




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