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Download the appropriate manual for your Uberti firearm.

For: 1860_henry_mod.pdf, 1860 Henry Rifle
For: 1866_rifle.pdf, 1866 Yellowboy Rifle
For: 1873_sporting_rifle.pdf, 1873 Rifle and Carbine, 1873 Limited Edition Short Rifle Deluxe
For: 1876_rifle.pdf, 1876 Centennial Rifle
For: 1885_single_shot.pdf, 1885 High-Wall Rifle
For: 1847 Walker Revolvers, 1848 Dragoon Revolvers, 1849 Pocket Revolvers, 1851 Navy Revolvers, 1858 New Army Revolvers, 1858 New Army Target Carbine Revolvers, 1860 Army Revolvers, 1861 Navy Revolver , 1862 Police Revolver , 1862 Pocket Navy Revolver
For: conversion_model.pdf, New Army Conversion, Army & Navy Conversion, Open-Tops
For: manual_sharps_1874.pdf, 1874 Sharps Rifle
For: manual_trapdoor_v1.pdf, Springfield Trapdoor Rifle
For: single_action.pdf, 1873 Cattleman
For: single_action.pdf, Outlaws and Lawmen