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Kenda Lenseigne

Kenda has spent her life on the back of a horse. She started competing at the ripe old age of four and continued all throughout her childhood in both Western and English disciplines. After an apprenticeship in Texas with some of the country’s top cutting horse trainers, she was introduced to the sport of mounted shooting in California, where she qualified for the World Championship after only her 4th competition.

Since those early days, she’s developed a reputation as an accomplished trainer of both horses and people, won just about everything there is to win in the competitive arena and cultivated a thriving business dedicated to introducing others to her sport. Her drive to be and have the best has ledt ot her partnering with Uberti USA in designing the KL CMS Pro Short Stroke Revolver.

Her proudest accomplishment remains winning the title of Overall World Champion, becoming the first woman to best her male competitors. She did this riding Justin, a former trail horse that she nurtured from scratch, building him into a phenomenal equine athlete.

Kenda’s business is based in Arizona, which allows her to offer training year-round.

Tom Leoni

Tom was born in Switzerland and grew up in Northern Italy. His passion for collecting and shooting historical firearms began in the 1990’s, when he moved to the United States. By 2000, he was competing in high-power rifle matches, hunting big game in two continents and working as a product manager in the firearms industry. He currently works for Benelli USA as the Uberti USA product manager and is part of the Swiss Rifles of Washington DC shooting team. Tom’s other interests are classical and folk music, historical Western martial arts (published author) and historical reenactment.

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