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So, you have your brand-new Uberti single-action revolver, a few boxes of ammo and some nice pristine targets. You head for the range, staple the targets in place, load up and start shooting. But to your dismay, the bullets do not land where you... READ MORE
Uberti USA’s 1873 .45 Single Action Army is synonymous with tradition, beauty and craftsmanship, and most importantly helped build the foundation of the American way of life. In the 1800’s, when the world was moving west, this classic firearm... READ MORE
When it comes to getting the most out of our revolvers, the Uberti USA Posse tries to walk the walk (literally) as well as talk the talk. Fortunately, national parks have become a lot more gun-friendly in the last couple decades, with a 2009 federal... READ MORE
Social media customers often ask us the question of how to get the Uberti USA revolver or rifle they are looking for. On our end, we try to make shopping for our guns as enjoyable and easy as possible; so easy, in fact, that in some cases you... READ MORE
The Official Uberti USA Rate of Twist Chart
Knowing the rate of twist of your Uberti USA revolver—or, even more importantly, rifle—is essential for getting the most out of it. In the case of a black powder revolver, you’ll be shooting round ball so it’s not as critical, but here’s when... READ MORE
The Uberti Story
Who was Aldo Uberti, and how did he end up manufacturing replica old-West guns? Let the posse take you through a quick trip into the past and introduce you to a man, a life and a passion. Aldo Uberti—called “Renato” by friends and family—was fifth... READ MORE
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