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1885 High Wall .45-120

Caliber: .45-120

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1885 High-Wall Rifle Special Sporting Rifle C/H Frame and Lever, Blue Buttplate

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Created in the late 1870’s, the .45-120 ranked as the most powerful cartridge used by professional buffalo hunters, and even by today’s standards it is more than suitable for any North American big game. Uberti’s 1885 High Wall Special Sporting Rifle features a 32” octagon barrel, a comfortable pistol grip stock and a period-accurate crescent buttplate.

This rifle is available exclusively in limited quantities from Elk County Ammo & Arms—so preorder yours now. 

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Item Number Model Caliber Barrel Length Materials MSRP

1885 High-Wall Rifle

Special Sporting Rifle .45-120 32″ C/H Frame and Lever, Blue Buttplate

Additional Specifications

Caliber: .45-120

Barrel Length: 32″″

Materials: C/H Frame and Lever, Blue Buttplate

Overall Length: 49″

Barrel: Octagonal

Weight: Approx. 10 lbs.

Stock: Checkered pistol grip stock and forend

B/S - Backstrap      C/H - Case-Hardened      T/G - Trigger Guard

Specifications are subject to change without notice.


Loading Lever

On Rifles and Carbine

Loading lever opens or locks the action.

Falling-Block Action

In Rifles and Carbine

Cleaning Rod

With Rifles and Carbine

Breakdown cleaning rod fits in a compartment in the buttstock.

Front Sight

On Sporting Rifles

Front sight is dovetailed into the octagonal barrel. Can be drifted for windage.

Available Sights

For Rifles and Carbine

Creedmoor-style sights are available, but not included.


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