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1885 High Wall Rifle .45-70

Caliber: .45-70

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1885 High-Wall Rifle Sporting Rifle Straight Stock C/H Frame and Lever, Blue Buttplate

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With an 1885 High Wall single shot sporting rifle or carbine from Uberti, you can relive a time when rifle shooting was more than a pastime. It was a serious business.

Today, Uberti makes 3 models of the 1885 High Wall. Like the original High Wall Winchester rifles, today’s guns are chambered in the classic buffalo cartridges of .45-70, .45-90, and .45-120.

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Item Number Model Caliber Barrel Length Materials MSRP

1885 High-Wall Rifle

Sporting Rifle Straight Stock .45-70 30″ C/H Frame and Lever, Blue Buttplate

Additional Specifications

Caliber: .45-70

Barrel Length: 30″″

Materials: C/H Frame and Lever, Blue Buttplate

Barrel: Octagonal

Twist: 1:20, RH

Weight: Approx. 10 lbs.

B/S - Backstrap      C/H - Case-Hardened      T/G - Trigger Guard

Specifications are subject to change without notice.


Loading Lever

On Rifles and Carbine

Loading lever opens or locks the action.

Falling-Block Action

In Rifles and Carbine

Cleaning Rod

With Rifles and Carbine

Breakdown cleaning rod fits in a compartment in the buttstock.

Front Sight

On Sporting Rifles

Front sight is dovetailed into the octagonal barrel. Can be drifted for windage.

Available Sights

For Rifles and Carbine

Creedmoor-style sights are available, but not included.


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