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1847 Walker Revolver

Caliber: .44

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1847 Walker Revolver Walker Model C/H Frame, Steel B/S, Brass T/G

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The story of this single action black powder revolver began the same day that the Alamo fell in 1836. That’s when Samuel Colt began production of a revolving-cylinder pistol at his Paterson, New Jersey, factory.

The 1847 Walker revolver was enthusiastically received by the Rangers of the newly independent Republic of Texas.

The reputation earned by the formidable 1847 Walker revolver is what ensured gunmaker Samuel Colt’s success.

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Item Number Model Caliber Barrel Length Materials MSRP

1847 Walker Revolver

Walker Model .44 9″ C/H Frame, Steel B/S, Brass T/G

Additional Specifications

Caliber: .44

Barrel Length: 9″″

Materials: C/H Frame, Steel B/S, Brass T/G

Overall Length: 15.7″

Finish: Blue

Barrel: Round

Cylinder: 6-shot, engraved

Number of Grooves: 7

Twist: 1:18, LH

Weight: 4.5 lbs.

Grip: 1-pc walnut

B/S - Backstrap      C/H - Case-Hardened      T/G - Trigger Guard

Specifications are subject to change without notice.


Loading Lever and Latch

Loading lever and loading lever latch are near the muzzle.

Trigger Guard

Brass, square-backed trigger guard. An improvement over the Paterson’s guardless folding trigger.

Loading Cutouts

Easy, secure seating of percussion caps.


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