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How and Where to Get Your New Uberti USA Gun

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How and Where to Get Your New Uberti USA Gun

by Tom Leoni on May 04th, 2017

Social media customers often ask us the question of how to get the Uberti USA revolver or rifle they are looking for. On our end, we try to make shopping for our guns as enjoyable and easy as possible; so easy, in fact, that in some cases you don’t even have to leave your PC.

To find where to get your new Uberti USA gun, go directly to the mother lode: our online dealer locator (http://www.uberti-usa.com/dealers). Then simply enter your zip code or city and state, and voila’, a list of dealers that stock Uberti USA guns will appear. Call them up and tell them what you want and even if they don’t have it in stock at that particular time, they should be able to get it from us.

Important: make sure you ask for a genuine Uberti USA (that is, imported through Stoeger as opposed to Cimarron or Taylor’s), or it’s bye-bye to the 5-year warranty.

Anyway, unless you live in Illinois or New Jersey where restrictions are in place, things are even easier if what you want is an Uberti USA black powder gun such as the 1847 Walker, the 1851 Navy or the 1858 New Army revolver or carbine.

Since they don’t shoot self-contained metallic cartridges, these black powder guns are not classified by the ATF as firearms, so they can be shipped to your door without any paperwork. If the dealers (from the dealer locator search) don’t have them, chances are that Midway, Cabela’s or Beretta USA will carry them.

Again, make sure that you are getting a genuine Uberti USA (imported through Stoeger) if you want the no-questions-asked 5-year warranty.

The posse wishes you happy shopping, happy shootin’ and keep yer powder dry!

Tom Leoni
Tom was born in Switzerland and grew up in Northern Italy. His passion for collecting and shooting historical firearms began in the 1990’s, when he moved to the United States. By 2000, he was competing in high-power rifle matches, hunting big game in two continents and working as a product manager in the firearms industry. He currently works for Benelli USA as the Uberti USA product manager and is part of the Swiss Rifles of Washington DC shooting team. Tom’s other interests are classical and folk music, historical Western martial arts (published author) and historical reenactment.
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